About New Moon Mushrooms

New Moon Mushrooms, located in Landenberg, PA in the heart of Chester County’s mushroom growing capital, is a new line of conventional mushrooms from Mother Earth, LLC, who has brought you Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms for over 30 years. For generations, we have worked together as a family and as a business to grow quality mushrooms using sustainable farming practices. As a division of Mother Earth, LLC, we share the same rich history of quality, safety, and community enhancement that customers have experienced for over 100 years.

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Our History

What started out as a dairy farm in 1919 has transformed into a USDA-certified organic and conventional wholesale mushroom production with the capacity of producing thousands of pounds weekly. After establishing itself as a powerhouse in the organic industry, Mother Earth Mushrooms started to receive feedback from customers requesting a conventional line from the brand they had come to love. New Moon Mushrooms was established as a direct response to fill the increasing customer need for quality conventional mushroom products.

While New Moon Mushrooms is not USDA-certified organic, we utilize the same strict growing and production standards as our parent company to deliver high-quality conventional mushroom products to stores, restaurants, and consumers nationwide.

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Mother Earth

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New Moon Mushrooms

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