Food Safety & Traceability

New Moon Mushrooms provides conventional mushroom products, but we utilize the same products and similar processes being used by our organic mushroom line. While we are not certified organic, we put the same care and expertise into our non-organic line of mushrooms in order to deliver the highest quality product throughout the entire sourcing, packing, and shipping process.


We adhere to a strict set of guidelines for our supplier approval program to ensure we are sourcing the best mushrooms for our customers. All mushroom suppliers are audited to the USDA Mushroom Good Agricultural Practices (MGAP) standards and farmers use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. We place a high emphasis on pest exclusion by increased sanitation and facility upkeep instead of applying pesticides as a first resort. In addition, New Moon Mushrooms employees are trained on food safety policies and procedures throughout each year.


New Moon Mushrooms (Mother Earth, LLC) is audited by the USDA, FDA, SQF GFSI, and the US military. All New Moon products are completely traceable back to the farm it was grown, and forward to the customer. An automated, computerized traceability system is used to comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative. All packing employees are trained on strict food safety policies and those policies are enforced.


New Moon Mushrooms works closely with shipping partners to ensure the highest quality service when delivering your mushrooms. We offer temperature tracking for shipments leaving the facility upon request.


New Moon Mushrooms

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